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Hook Eagle Morris Men

What a fine bunch of men!

Press Articles, Videos and International Coverage 

Annual Wassail - 2014 stylee, in the BazGaz.

Hook Eagle at All the Bells featured in the Star Courier - edited and full versions

AOL's Weird, Offbeat and Funny News Photos - surely not Hook Eagle?

Is morris dancing dying? Hook Eagle explain why not on Thames Valley Tonight (2009)

"Why do the Hook Eagle Morris Men paint their faces black?" - Hampshire Life colour spread September 2008

Dartmoor Folk Festival: Western Morning News Picture of the Day, pictures from BBC Devon and YouTube (2008)

Times Online - have a look at the comment from Peter Thomas (2008)

10,000 people watch Hook Eagle at the Alresford Watercress Festival - report and video (2008)

Hook Eagle at Newbury Canal Festival July 2007 - Article and Video

Fun and games at the 2007 Rochester Sweeps Festival - see photos at the Martin Coulbert Photography site
Hook Eagle at Rochester Sweeps Festival - Video (2007)

Extract from the DVD "Dancing England" (2006)

 Hook Eagle on the BBC - Report - Video - Pictures (2006)

Feature Article in "Hampshire - the County Magazine" (2006)

Hook Eagle hits the international press: Sydney Morning Herald - Daily Times, Pakistan

YouTube video roundup 

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